Musical Saw 

The musical saw plays the main role in this act. Its particular sound creates a dreaming and magical atmosphere. 

Sailing sailing...
A piece always on top .
Memories of youth spent in the sea , or rather ... the harbor .
Many kinds of boats sail the sea, but only one has never sunk . 


Marriage jewish style

Some believe in a thought , an idea , or even in marriage ... and you?


The Yo Yo
A tale of first love of childhood: the yo - yo of Gianni.
A little girl tells the exciting adventure with this amazing game. Cute, naive and disrespectful!



Folies Bergère

Let's take a step back in time, we go to the golden days of the prestigious Follies Bergere in France.
At the time it was possible to make easy money, it was not always easy, but if you found the right path, you'll be good forever.


My girl pussy

My favorite animal? ...guess!

La Pizza
A haggard housewife , consumated and pregnant. 
A grotesque story  seasoned with mozzarella, tomato, basil and...rolling pin!

Le Poppe
A cult of Burlesque Scene.
A vade-mecum of savoire faire, a formulary of Boobs and their being reasons.

Schöne Blondine
What's hiding behind the blond braids and big fawn's eyes?
Teutonic, South Tyrol, blonde with a secret to reveal.   

I've found a new baby
From a succes of Ethel Waters, a classy woman in frac founds a new baby. 

My friend Rei
A distinct woman tells an exciting and touching episode of her life .
The irony in a very unique approach between embarrassing moments and fun

La tete

One of the most sensational and amazing juggling trick in whole history!